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Height Adjustable Desks

JS Online offers Height Adjustable Desks; ideal for users who prefer to set their own comfortable desk height. They are available with electric height adjustment at the push of a button or by a crank mechanism. We also offer ergonomic chairs and accessories as part of our height Adjustable Desking solutions. This helps create usable and contemporary office interiors.

Albion Sit-Stand »
Individual desk height adjustability

Conset Sit-Stand »
ConSet offers a large range of electric height adjustable desks

HiRise »
Don’t just sit: stand

Kassini »
An environmentally friendly solution

Linnea Elevate »
Linnea Elevate is crank handle height adjustable bench desking

Optima Plus »
A myriad of footprints to suit your demands

Progress »
Independantly height adjustable bench desking in three formats

X-desk »
A cost effective adjustable Sit/Stand solution