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Mesh Chairs

JS Online supplies a wide range of Mesh Back Chairs. They are quickly becoming the most popular option for workplace seating and with all the benefits of a Mesh Office Chair, it is little wonder. A mesh back allows for increased ventilation and air flow through the chair allowing the back to stay cool and dry. Increased ventilation also reduces muscle fatigue in the back area. The flexibility of Mesh Chairs allows the backs to mould effortlessly to the user providing exceptional support and comfort. In addition, mesh is more resistant to wear and tear than fabric as there is no foam to lose shape or density. Its tight weave means it is less likely to rip or tear. Mesh is easy to clean and maintain, simply wipe with a damp cloth there is no drying time, special fabric shampoo or upholstery cleaner .

Ad-lib »
Ad-Lib multi-purpose seating suitable for a wide range of applications

Aeron »
A design classic. Aeron performs like no other chair

Airo »
Comfort, functionality and style

Anteo Network »
Naturally you sit better

Clipper »
Clipper task chairs deliver fantastic comfort with simple, elegant…

Do »
Do task chairs have fewer controls for easier use

Ecoflex »
Ecoflex mesh back task chairs offer simplicity, form and function

Era Task »
Sit better, work better

J1 »
The next generation of mesh chair

J1 »
Multi adjustable task chair with a breathable mesh back and an…

Mercury Mesh »
Mercury Mesh is a stylish value for money mesh back task chair

Netwin »
With netwin everything sits well - the design, the finish, the…

Ousby »
Confidence without ego

Pluto Plus Mesh »
Comfort Beyond Compare

Radius »
The Radius chair offers the widest range of features allowing…

Sidiz »
Sidiz is a very clever new chair and uses state-of-the-art materials…

SoFi »
Designed to support new ways of working

Xantos »
Xantos chairs are designed to make you feel good.

Zeus »
Seating that performs