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Storage Walls

At JS Online we provide a comprehensive range of Office Storage Walls and related Storage Solutions. If real cost saving is important then consider the space saving potential that Storage Walls can give you. They can save up to 2.5 times as much filing per square metre as traditional filing. Storage Walls give the appearance of simply being part of the office structure and are available in a host of finish options. We also offer Breakout Tables and Office Ancillaries to help create usable and very contemporary office interiors.

Coffee Point »
Combines office storage and a refreshment bar

HiBox »
Provides a degree of privacy but doesn’t isolate

HiStore »
HiStore & HiStore Lite is a floor-to-ceiling office storage system

Palisades »
A customizable and modular zone divider that gives flexibility…

Spacestor »
Because space is valuable, the benefits of Spacestor become apparent

Tallwall »
Tallwall is manufactured to suit your specifications and allows…

Teacherwall »
The smart new modular teaching and storage system

Workwall »
Workwall is a great way to save space in expensive offices

Zone »
Zone dividing storagewall