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Allermuir specialises in supplying contemporary seating and tables primarily for leisure and corporate environments

Allermuir office furniture manufactures an extensive range of high quality, contemporary seating and tables for the contract market, designed by some of the most talented designers in the UK and Europe. Offering a comprehensive and diverse range of products, Allermuir specialises in supplying furniture primarily for leisure and corporate environments, such as dining areas, cafes, breakout areas, reception areas, public spaces and bars

Arc Desk »
Mid-century and modern design aesthetics combine

Axyl »
A killer cafe chair

Axyl tables »
A table for every occasion

Baudot »
We've been keeping this one quiet

Bison »
Bison is a highly stylish and distinctive tub chair design with…

Brummell »
Redefining luxury

Cardita »
Where vintage and modern collide

Casper »
Stylish and contemporary café and dining chairs & stools

Co-Pedestal »
Pedestal storage solution for creative home workspaces

Co-Sideboard »
Contemporary storage solution for creative home workspaces

Conic »
Conic is a refreshing, eye-catching and exciting take on various…

Conic Tables »
Conic wire framed tables offer modern and stylish design

Crate »
Adept at everyday storage

Crate Compact »
A clever compact combination of shelving and free-standing desk

Crate Desk »
Minimal and contemporary home office desking

Curve »
Curve is an extremely curvaceous and elegant form

Dandy »
Dandy offer classic style and simple proportions

Famiglia »
Meet the family

Famiglia Tables »
Ideal for occasional touch down and meeting points

Fifty Series »
Fifty Series is a desirable, compact design

Folk »
Timeless in its seemingly familiar design

FortySeven »
Elegant and incredibly versatile tables

Grainger »
A modern take on classic design

Haven »
Haven as it names suggest is collabrative haven within a office…

Henge »
A modern hybrid of organic yet tailored shapes

Host »
Host is a practical and elegant stand alone laptop table

Jaicer »
Simply beautiful chairs & tables that is constructed entirely…

Jinx »
Embrace your comfort zone

Jo Jo »
Jo Jo stools are striking, elegant and curvaceous

Kin »
Elegantly strong mono-shell seating

Lola »
Lola is seductive, curving and shapely, yet strong and dependable

Mollie »
Mollie chairs have luxurious and satisfying design

Mozaik »
No Rules

Mozaik Storage »
Minimalist steel frame storage

Obris »
A perfect balance of comfort and form

Octo »
Octo reception seating offers an elegant low back design

Open »
Open seating is elegant and relatively compact

Open Tables »
Open tables feature an elegant four star pedestal base in polished…

Oran »
A combination of a soft appearance and feel, with a precise and…

Pache »
Cafe culture

Panel Desking »
The evolution of a classic design

Pause »
Pause is the latest in bench style sitting

Paver »
Luxury on a grand scale

Pebble »
Pebble is a superb seating option for a multitude of informal…

Phoulds »
Elegantly poised with unrivalled comfort

Qu »
It's hip to be square

Quincy »
Quincy modern meeting and dining chairs

Scoop »
The Scop seating range is visually minimal

Silta High Table »
Silta is a premium high table for breakout spaces

Stirling »
Stirling reception seating is both classic and sophisticated

Stirling Tables »
Stirling tables feature an elegant brushed chrome frame with…

Sunda 1 & 2 »
simple yet elegant

Tarry »
The classic wing back lounge chair, Reinvented

Together Media Bench »
Developed to facilitate collaborative working using laptops,…

Tommo »
Tommo chairs are perfect for a wide variety of applications

Tonina Chair »
Tonina is a 100% recyclable stacking chair that comes in colours

Turo »
Stylish table with slim fluted leg profile

Venus »
Venus is a versatile, compact tub chair with a moulded foam body…