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Bisley Office Furniture is a UK manufacturer of steel storage for the office. Bisley cabinets are renowned world wide.

Bisley Office Furniture is the largest manufacturer of office furniture in the U.K. and one of the largest in the European Union. It is generally regarded as having the most modern, state of the art factories in Europe Bisley achieved a unique status in the office furniture industry by being granted two prestigious Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement in 1992 and 1997.

Bite »
Bite is a mobile storage unit that wraps around bench desking…

InnerSpace »
Bisley InnerSpace is a high-density storage system designed specifically…

Lockers »
Bisley lockers provide a functional yet stylish solution for…

Multi drawer »
Multidrawer is still the most versatile office storage solution…

MySpace »
Bisley MySpace locker units enable flexible personal storage…

Phonespace »
Soundproof phonespaces and office pods designed to create peace

Steel pedestals »
Steel pedestals are strong and robust can be produced in many…

SystemFile »
Bisley SystemFile is an attractive high density storage solution

Towers »
Towers provides adaptable spaces for filing, desk accessories…