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Modern furniture, lighting and interior ‘products with personality’

Deadgood’s collection is designed and made in Britain and supplied worldwide, to some of the freshest commercial projects on the planet. They pride themselves on offering a flexible service and because they manufacture their Collections right here in the UK, it is easy for them to modify by altering timbers, colours, fabrics and finishes on products if required. They work with both technologically advanced manufacturers and traditional artisan craftsmen The guys who make these lovely products are as diverse as the characters that design them. If you believe the hype, you’ll know that the designers they work with are at the vanguard of the UK design scene and are responsible for creating our eclectic collection of products. Up for grabs are Harvey Cushions, Hug, Naked, Setter and Working Girl seating, Plex 2.0 Storage, Lighting and Rugs. They're also proud to be building an exceptional in house team of smart, creative thinkers. They like to think of this entire network as a Deadgood family, without whom our business would be nothing more than a bright idea on the back of a beer mat. When all’s said and done they constantly strive to remain at the crest of the wave, challenging the status quo and experimenting with new ideas whilst always making sure that their personal values of fun, quality and longevity are at the forefront of their business minds.

Harvey Cushions »
Cushions add a perfect accent to any office environment

Hug »
Modern range of chairs with a distinctive yet altogether familiar…

Naked »
Versatile chair for indoor and outdoor use

Plex 2.0 »
A storage solution also acts as an effective space divider

Rugs »
Three styles of rug add funk to your office space

Setter »
Subtle Mid-Century inspired detailing

Working Girl Bar & Cafe »
An ideal option for high traffic commercial applications

Working Girl Lounge »
Utilitarian styling with a robust material choice