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A HÅG ergonomically designed chair balances the body in an intuitive way, ensuring that you are always seated correctly

HAG’s philosophy is the next sitting position is always the best. All of their chairs are designed to allow you to move your entire body, without having to think about it. This lets you perform better while safeguarding your well-being. You are always prepared for a new movement and a new task! The Balanced Movement Mechanism™ is unique to HÅG chairs! In a HÅG chair, the front edge of the seat tilts upwards when you lean backwards and down when you lean forwards. This stimulates ankle movement, in turn activating the circulation mechanisms of your lower legs (“the peripheral heart”), enhancing circulation throughout the body. The result is greater energy and improved efficiency at work.

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HO4 »
The keywords behind HÅG H04 are balance and freedom of movement

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Designed to support new ways of working