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JS a diverse range of office furniture available for hire plus home office furniture collections

JS provide a wide range of hire furniture and home office furniture to suit all budgets and tastes. All backed by a high standard of expertise and customer service.

Acoustic Panels »
Class “A” rated for reverberation sound absorption

H5 Bench »
Extremely competitive priced bench desking

Homeworking Programme »
Working from home furniture click the link and download the catalogue…

Toledo Chair

JF001 »
Folding Chair

JF004 »
Banqueting Chair

JF006 »
Compact Chair

JF008 »
Conference Chair

JF009 »
Lecture Chair

JF010 »
Operators Chair

JF011 »
Operators Armchair

JF014 »
Leather Conference Chair

JF014A »
Ribbed Back Eames Style Cantilever Chair

JF014E »
Fabric Cantilever Meeting Chair

JF016A »
Eames Style Medium Back Chair

JF017A »
Modern Executive Chair

JF019 »
Ski Lift Chair

JF020 »
Panton Style Chair

JF027 »
Z Stool

JF031A/C »
Barcelona Style Chair

JF031G/JF031GG »
2 Seat Barcelona Style Chair

JF032/33/34 »
Compact fabric tub chair

JF033C/D »
Leather Egg Style Chair

JF035/36 »
Modular Reception Seating

JF046 »
Velvet Chesterfield Style Armchair

JF047 »
Velvet Chesterfield Style 2 Seater Sofa

JF048 »
Velvet Chesterfield Style 3 Seater Sofa

JF049 »
Circular Banquet Table

JF050 »
Rectangle Folding Banquet Table

JF051 »
Rectangle Banqueting Table

JF053 »
Folding Exam Table

JF054A »
Circular Glass Coffee Table

JF055 »
Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

JF059B/79D »
Maple Coffee Table

JF063 »
Chrome Bistro Table

JF065B »
Glass Poseur Table with Spider Base

JF068 »
Maple Rectangle Meeting Table

JF072 »
Circular Meeting Table in Maple

JF075 »
Reception Desk

JF075B »
Silver Curved Reception Desk

JF078 »
Maple Return Unit

JF079 »
Maple Rectangle Desk

JF081 »
Maple Radial Desk

JF082 »
Maple 2 Drawer Mobile Pedstal

JF083 »
Maple Desk High Pedestal

JF086 »
Maple Side Filling Unit

JF087 »
Maple Desk High Cupboard

JF088/JF090 »
Maple Bookcase

JF089 »
4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

JF091A/JF091B »
Tambour Storage Cupboard

JF092A/JF092B »
Metal Storage Cupboard

JF113G »
Acrylic Lectern

JF114 »
Flip Chart Easal

JF127 »
Office Screen

JF130 »
Prism Brochure Stand

JF142A »
Storage Crate

JF170/171 »
Velvet Dining Chair

JF204 »
Modular Boardroom Table

JF244/245 »
Sqaure Bistro Table

JF245B/C »
D Ended poseur table

JF246/247 »
Eames Style Chair

JF279/280 »
Eames Style Executive Chair

JF281/282 »
Eames Style Meeting Chair

JF287/290/258 »
Le Corbusier Style Armchair

JF288/291/259 »
Le Corbusier Style 2 Seater Sofa

JF289/292/260 »
Le Corbusier Style 3 Seater Sofa

JF293/294 »
Cube Seat

JF297 »
Glass Circular Coffee Table with Bulb Base

JF297/298 »
Tulip Style Dining Table

JF326/327 »
Cafe Chair

JF330/331 »
Circular Bistro Table

JF349/A/B »
Web Chair

JF350/A/B »
Web Stool

JF450 »
Executive Boardroom Table

JF451 »
Executive Desk

JF452 »
Executive Return

JF453 »
Executive 3 Drawer Mobile Pedstal

JF454 »
Executive Tall Cupboard

JF455 »
Executive Combination Unit

Juice »
Juice is a bench desk system that is truly adaptable and reconfigurable,…

Maestro »
Stocked ready for quick delivery

Penelope »
Cost effective private phone booth solution

White Range »
Well priced furniture provides a clean minimal look for any office

X-desk »
A cost effective adjustable Sit/Stand solution