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Ocee design: Den

A small creative and private space

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Do you remember making a Den? That small creative and private retreat? Den by Ocee Design is that space. Den is your perfect noise barrier, acoustically enhanced to separate you from the hubbub of the workplace. With numerous configurations available and a degree of tech-savviness, Den supports not only your work style but also varying IT needs. The needs for IT. Reading lights, data connectivity, and acoustic properties make Den the perfect work retreat.

The family consists of booths, cubes and panels perfect for modular creativity. Likewise, you can add worktops to suit your working style, and Den can have power, reading lights and data connectivity, allowing you to create the perfect little office spot. Moreover, Den’s modular design ensures an economical construction, which can easily be reconfigured to suit your changing needs; A DEN solution is perfect for modern open office spaces that require zoning. So why not meet the needs of your employees or students, and make them a Den?

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