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Ocee design: Kite

Kite tables are simple to move, fold and store

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Ocee Design Kite® is more than just a folding table, Kite® can revolutionise the way we use space. Simple to move, fold and store, Kite is designed to optimise the meeting experience in all environments from the boardroom to the classroom. The Kite® shape ensures that each person has their own working space and good line of sight; everyone sits at a straight edge, no one straddles a table leg, writes over a seam or is squashed into a corner. Kite creates an agile working environment where a single person can quickly reconfigure tables into new working styles.

The four sided frame provides greater rigidity and durability than traditional I frame centrally supported tables. The dual locking castor limits movement, negates the need for linking devices and makes Kite® as stable as fixed-frame furniture. With a compact nesting profile, tables are easily folded and stored without any lifting or the need of a trolley. With a variety of leg options and tops, from banded inlay veneers to white MFC, Kite® has a finish to match any interior.

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