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Deadgood: Rugs

Three styles of rug add funk to your office space

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The Knurled Rug is produced from 100% hand-tufted wool and woven in four harmonious colours. Inspired by a machined finish, the product is a beautifully textured and eye catching centrepiece. The rug mimics the appearance and tactility of knurling but swaps the usual characteristics of coldness and hardness for warmth and softness through its choice of colour and material.

‘Pop Rugs’ are a collection rugs designed in house by Deadgood. Drawing on a variety of influences include the Memphis Design Group and the work of New York artist Keith Haring, these bold rugs are a representation of Deadgood’s eclectic and bold style and will be sure to provide a statement to a variety of interior settings. The products are hand tufted from 100% wool and available in three styles ‘Zzzap’, ‘Dotty’ and ‘Wiggle’, each of which can be produced in three sizes.

Pixel Rug is a simple addition to our growing collection of accessories. Blurring the lines between craft and digital, the pattern of the rug is determined by an 8-bit filter of a complex Persian Rug, bringing the traditional object in to the digital age. The product is hand tufted from 100% wool.

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