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Homeworking Programme
Working from home furniture click the link and download the catalogue now

50 years About us

At JS we study how people actually work – listening to and learning from our customers. Our skilled and professional consultants will then use what we’ve learned to provide products that are designed around the user. Our products incorporate the latest research in ergonomics and biomechanics.

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Office design

Is office design purely a cosmetic makeover? The answer is No!

Our ingenious office designs can realistically improve a businesses performance. Morale, productivity and creativity increase. Fuel bills, absenteeism and resignations reduce. The effect being an improvement in your bottom line. Using our inspirational office interior design knowledge, we can transform your office into an environment that not only looks good, it works better too.

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Office fit-out

Careful consideration and inspired design

Every office is unique. Its design has a direct impact on individuals and the success of any business. This makes it so important to source the most compatible products for function, use of space and appearance. With careful consideration and inspired design, the implementation of an interior fit out should nurture a productive and contented work force, whilst reflecting and enhancing an organisation’s culture and image.

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Office furniture

For those who care about their environment

Furnishing your new office completes the final piece of the environment jigsaw. With a broad range of office furniture suppliers, we can offer all styles from contemporary to classic and can specify ranges that lend distinct personality and practicality to any workplace. Infinite possibilities of intricate shapes, colours, designs and features are available to create the totally co-ordinated interior.

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