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Ocee design

Ocee design have invested in some of the best designers in Europe creating innovative seating solutions,

Ocee design recognise that a customer’s productivity, quality, employee retention and business success are positively affected by creative workplace design . Their seating ranges not only look good, but inspire and motivate whilst providing comfort and support. Engineering affordable as well as desirable design led product is now a core value embedded in oceedesign’s future vision.

Dishy »
Dishy is stylish tub style seating

Dorchester »
Dorchester reception seating offers traditional design and comfort

Enclave »
Enclave offers Innovative screen design

Fabricks »
Super acoustic bricks designed to look fabulous, divide space…

FourCast »
Fourcast Seating a concept as well as a product collection

FourStanding & Counter »
High tables for the modern breakout dining area

Giggle »
The Giggle chair is the perfect style statement for a modern…

Goal »
Goal offers no nonsense entry level oprators seating

Harvey »
Designed to accommodate individuals of different sizes whilst…

HenRay »
Henray is stylish modular designer seating

Industrial Range »
High level chairs for specilaised working areas

Kite »
Kite tables are simple to move, fold and store

O-Cee »
O-Cee offers a thoroughly modern twist with its striking profile…

Physio »
Physio chairs are suitable for 24 hour use with the added benefit…

Poise »
Poise chairs offers supberb support across the entire back with…

Re-act »
Re-act task chairs are endorsed by backcare specialists

Saturn »
Convenient power and data connectivity for breakout areas

Skyline »
Modular units for multiple configurations

Sphere »
For 24/7 applications. Heavy duty chair option use to 40 stone

Stretch »
Stretch is retro style landscape seating

Touch »
Touch reception seating is beautifully simple and completely…