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Office Refurbishments

A diverse range of skills at your disposal

Our Office Refurbishment Service will rejuvenate your workplace, free up space and ultimately increases staff morale and productivity.

In today’s financial climate many companies are choosing to refurbish their offices rather than relocate.

Over time, all office buildings physically deteriorate while becoming subject to various other forms of obsolescence. Therefore, at some stage it will become necessary to consider refurbishment.

In the majority of cases, office refurbishment in London will be a quicker and cheaper means of restoring outdated office space to grade-A specification. As a low-cost option, the refurbishment of London office space should be naturally attractive.

The issue of sustainability continues to rise in importance for both owners and occupiers The majority of buildings in the UK predate the emergence of modern concepts of a sustainable environment. But the demand for sustainable, energy efficient offices from both regulators and occupiers is increasing.

Whilst on the subject of sustainability, office seating refurbishment is the process of improving broken, damaged or outdated office chairs. Renovation can bring your old seating back to life.

Repairing furniture is often a choice that can have cost benefits with savings of up to 75% over renewal. At JS Seating and Desking our staff have a diverse range of skills that can offer you many options.

  • Seating re-upholstery
  • Upholstery cleaning service
  • Screen re-upholstery
  • Wood and metal frame repair
  • Furniture repair
  • French polishing
  • Replacement parts
  • Replacement keys
  • Quick turn around
  • All work guaranteed